Chocolate, chocolate everywhere, we all love it and there’s never any to spare. Well now there will be some to spare with this fantastic ‘I Love Chocolate Hamper’. Not even the most hardened chocoholic could be greedy enough to munch their way through all these scrummy chocs packaged in a lovely cream and chocolate brown box, without at least offering a couple to their friends.

This hamper is chocker full to the brim (excuse the pun) with a selection of exquisite Thornton’s chocolate delights, enough to keep those chocolate cravings at bay for days if not weeks. Packets of continental chocolates inspired by Italy and the Alpine, milk chocolate slab bar, also fudge, toffees and nougat bars covered in chocolate made by the master chocolatier that is Thornton’s.

As you can see from the content list above, this is a hamper of variety, textures and tastes. This hamper would make an ideal gift for your valentine or a birthday gift for the chocolate mad sweet toothed loved one in your life. This selection of mouth watering goodies could be on the doorstep of your recipient within forty eight hours. Imagine the look of delight on their face as they open the cream and chocolate brown box to reveal the abundance of yumminess within. You’ll be scoring mega points, no doubt about it. Why not make someone very happy by indulging their chocolate cravings and present them with enough chocolate goodies to sink a small ship.

We can safely say that eating chocolate does not make you put on weight however, what does make you put on weight is the amount of chocolate you eat. We strongly advise that you consume this hamper a little at a time. Save some for tomorrow!

Although anybody of any age can enjoy these chocolates, we have to warn you that they may contain nut traces as they are manufactured in the same plant as chocolate which have nuts added.



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