The Perfect Compliment
What is the perfect compliment to chocolate? Champagne. The Thorntons  Champagne Hamper marries both luxury champagne chocolate truffles with a bottle of Taittinger Champagne. The perfect gift for a special moment.

Thorntons chocolates have long been a leader in the chocolate manufacturing industry. Since they opened their first shop in Sheffield in 1911, Thorntons have been supplying luxury chocolates to the masses. You’ll be pleased to know that you won’t find a trace of any genetically modified ingredients in Thorntons truffles or in deed, any of their products. Thorntons use only the best quality products in the manufacturing of their products and this will be very apparent as you taste these scrumptious chocolate truffles. Talking of which, did you know there is an art to tasting chocolate? Read on.

The Art of Tasting Chocolate
According to Thorntons chocolatiers there is an art to really tasting chocolate and it doesn’t involve chomping a bar in two seconds. If you have solid chocolate, the surface should appear glossy and smooth. Break a piece off and place it in your mouth, then wait a couple of seconds. This allows the aroma and flavour to come through; the chocolate should feel firm whilst melting slowly. Next, chew allowing another layer of flavours to come forward and then roll the chocolate over the whole of your tongue to cover all four taste bud areas which are the tip of the tongue tasting salty and sweetness, the back of the tongue for bitterness and the sides for sourness. This is the best way to savour all the flavours in chocolate.

When it comes to tasting filled chocolates, put the chocolate in your mouth letting it melt for a second of two to release the initial flavours. Next, blend the chocolate and the filling by chewing then be patient and let it slowly melt to enjoy the indulgence.

What About The Champagne
A bottle of Taittinger Champagne is also part of this luxury hamper. Taittinger Brut Réserve is a blend of Pinot wines and Chardonnay wines 60% and 40% respectively. This high proportion of Chardonnay is very rarely found in champagnes. Once you taste this champagne you will taste the honey and fresh fruit and realise the three to four years of aging was not in vain.

This beautiful hamper contains 2 x 97g of the finest Champagne Truffles and a 75cl bottle of Taittinger Champagne which together are presented in a stunning chocolate brown gift box.



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