Is your girlfriend, partner or wife constantly complaining that you never surprise her with chocolates? We know that you all lead hectic life’s and sometimes the romantic things you did when you were first courting tend to get abandoned either through lack of time or lack of thought. We all know the feeling when you first start dating the love of your life, the butterflies, the emotion of the first kiss and the excitement of the next meeting. It’s a shame when you look back and think why isn’t that so now? In truth, it’s understandable that these physical and mental feelings decline with time as the normality of life takes over and the initial thrill of being in love changes to respect and a deep seated love.

Ok, we realise the first flushes of love probably can’t be conjured up in the same way again, but you can put the sparkle back into your life by reminding the one you love just how special they are. It’s the little things that make the difference, a cup of tea in bed, a cuddle when you’re feeling low or the occasional gift or treat.

It has been known for a long time that eating chocolates releases chemicals in the brain that produce a feel good factor, so by giving the gift of chocolates you not only score mega points but will also lift someone’s mood and make them feel special. The Thorntons Continental Selection Gifts are just the job. Sent direct to your front door, there’s no excuse, you don’t even have to trawl the high street shops anymore, just get online, click, enter your details and it’s done. It’s so easy and very little time is consumed.

The Thorntons Continental Selection Gifts includes the finest European chocolates that have become synonymous with the Thorntons name. A selection of white chocolate, dark chocolate and milk chocolate covered centres are all included in these delightful boxes. The fillings range from ‘Alpini’, a ultra smooth praline created from sugar roasted almonds and Italian hazelnuts to Catalana made up of layers of truffle, caramel mouse and honeycomb pieces smothered in delicious milk chocolate. There’s the Seville, crispy wafer and tangy orange truffle blended together and covered in indulgent chocolate along side the Café Au Lait, a milk chocolate cup containing a miniature coffee, dusted with chocolate powder.

Put the spark back in your relationship by ordering any of these truly indulgent boxes of chocolates as a lovely surprise for the love of your life.



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